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Kerri Honaker’s practice is dedicated to individuals finding agency in their own life through a variety of psychotherapeutic techniques.  There are so many "catches" that can keep us from thriving.  Patterns and stories that don't serve us.  How do we learn to see those; "catch" those and edit our framework, into a more honest account of how we are living,  managing, and being productive in our lives. 

psychotherapy approach

Psychotherapeutic Approach

I am eclectic in my approach to therapy, I pull from many theories and am also very practical.  I am directive sometimes, problem solving, wanting to hear a client's history to understand nuances of patterns, playful, and also have humor.  I do sometimes think just hearing our process outloud is sometimes the best way to understand ourselves.  That's what this is about, self awareness, self understanding.  I work a lot with MBSR (mindfulness based stress reduction), different breathing techniques for anxiety, and I specialize and have for years in ADHD/ADD. 

Psychotherapy Specialties


Psychotherapy provides vital support for anxiety disorders. We can uncover root causes, develop coping strategies, and regain manageability over thoughts and emotions. Through a safe space for reflection, therapy helps challenge negative thought patterns, help build resilience, and cultivate healthier behaviors, offering relief from its effects. 



Psychotherapy is invaluable for nurturing and improving interpersonal relationships. Therapy can help individuals understand communication patterns, emotional triggers, and relational dynamics. Through guidance on conflict resolution, life transitions, empathy building, and boundary-setting, therapy fosters healthier interpersonal connections.


ADHD/ADD comes with its own very unique challenges, in relationships, and at work.  I have had the fortune to specialize in this from doing research in it, during my graduate school years, to specializing in it.  Everyone's ADHD/ADD looks slightly different, and behaves slightly differently.  Psychotherapy is vital in aiding individuals with ADHD.  There are so many strategies for symptom management and enhancing self-awareness. Sessions help address impulsivity, focus, and emotional regulation, alongside related challenges like low self-esteem.


Psychotherapy can be really helpful in the transition from late teen into early adulthood for women.  And for men too, of course!  In my work with young adults we explore emotions, thoughts, and behaviors in a safe space. Therapy helps navigate challenges like peer pressure and academic stress, developing coping strategies and resilience. It enhances communication, assertiveness, and emotional regulation skills. Life transitions are so stressful. Situations like graduating from high school, college, not going to college, gap years, graduate school all bring their own unique challenges. 

Purple Background


The Expert in Everyday Performance

With more than 25 years of experience in the realms of research work in ADHD/ADD;  qEEG brain mapping and brain training; and a personal history of high-level athletic competition ~~ Kerri Honaker brings an added layer of performance strategy to her private practice you won’t find anywhere else. 

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Dealing with Onself Today


Slow down, as an act of necessity, as an act of resistance. Notice the tendency to want to go quickly toward some imagined future aim and simply re-turn to the body, to the breath, to the direct, felt-sense of being.


Be utterly present with the senses. Dive into the heart of it. Rather than doing things simply as a means to an end (moving linearly), go inward. Deepen in. Let the strawberry really roll across the tongue. Walk a side path. Be taken by awe. Reinstate the heavenly birthright of wonder. This is a gateway to deep love and care, to coming more fully and richly into the feeling-body (which of course connects to the larger body of the Great Everything).


Insist on reciprocity. In a culture that extracts and consumes endlessly, wondering “what can this do for me?”, *give back*. Relentlessly. With prayers, with offerings, with service, with gratitude. Reinstate balance in your body, in your home, in your community by insisting on reciprocity.


The earth, the stones, the rivers, the mountains, the fungi or the trees are not mechanical, devoid of life and feeling, but are very much animate and alive. They have personhood. To re-member this knowing, so innate to humans for much of their time on earth, is to be pulled from our sleepy trance of feeling seperate and removed from the greater whole, and to be reinstated into a grander cosmos of interconnection, creativity and dreaming. Sing with the river, be emboldened by the mountain. Connect.


We will not solve any problem with the same kind of thinking that created it. Reawaken the inner child, full of ingenuity, curiosity and imagination. Turn in. Dare to dream bigger.


Come out of the habituated thinking mind and listen with your whole being. Listen for the voices of the others — listen for the song in the sunset, the wisdom of the trees, the knowing your ancestors wish to plant inside the temple of your heart. Rather than charge forward, sit back. Nestle close to your spine. Receive. Tune in ever-deeper to space, to silence, to the language of the non-human other. Remember. Remember.


Grieve, wail, rage. Resist numbness and apathy at all costs. Every time someone dares to feel a feeling fully, a pressure is taken off the whole cosmos. Dilate, expand. Shake off the freeze. Go deeper.


Make meals together. Listen. Expand your circle. Tend. Uplift. Nurture. Insist, insist on community.


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A Note from Kerri

Image by Shapelined

A Note from Kerri Honaker

I love working with people and finding creative solutions to everyday problems. I’m directive yet empathetic, practical and real. I seek to understand the patterns and situations that present in people’s lives.  By understanding and seeing patterns there is the possibility of creating new ones, what a way to be free, to really be self expressive.  

I use a variety of psychotherapeutic approaches, which differ from client to client based on their own unique needs and life experiences. I have managed/owned and directed a neurofeedback clinic for 20+ years, and have seen so many ways people function and what their electrical activity looks like. We are all so very different, and our strengths reside in so many ways.

My personal experience as a step-parent and a wife of 27 years allows me to help my clients navigate their own modern family structures and interpersonal relationships at home. For me, respecting the unique culture of each individual family is paramount.

It is a profound experience and an honor to offer a time, place, and opportunity for young women to have a forum that is safe and therapeutic to voice their opinions, perspectives and tough emotional places. It is very inspiring and more than amazing to witness and work with the strength and struggle of teenage girls and young adult women.

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